Nurture your relationship and create beautiful memories with your loved one while exploring the world together.

Every once in a while remove yourself from the routine and stress of everyday life and visit a magical place with your loved one.

Enjoy these timeless couple’s activities guaranteed to enhance romance and remember why you fell in love in the first place

  • Wake up together on a magical island surrounded by Caribbean water
  • Kiss passionately under the moonlight
  • Learn how to say I love you in Kriol
  • Have a relaxing couple’s massage
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach & under the stars.

Discover the excitement of first-times together

  • Learn a new water sport neither of you have ever practiced before
  • Try a new dish or ingredient together for the first time
  • Go on a food tour and learn how to make a local dish together
  • Commemorate the special occasion buying a unique local craft
  • Practice, yoga, meditation or take dance lessons together in spectacular settings.

Ways in which your relationship will become stronger during your couple’s getaway.

  • Nothing brings couple’s closer together than getting out of their comfort zone and embarking on an adventure.
  • Being there for one another as you cross things off your bucket list is an incredible relationship milestone.
  • Interact with other couples as you discover the wonders of an exclusive, beautiful and exotic location.

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